●We SGI members devote ourselves to serving the Law, serving humanity. Ours is not an egocentric life. That is why we are busier than others and perhaps don't have as much opportunity for relaxation with our families. Nevertheless, we continue to devote ourselves to others. Ours is the most noble way of life. We must make sure our children can understand and respect our beliefs, our way of life and our dedication. We must make conscious efforts to verbalize and communicate our thoughts and feelings to them. Finding the wisdom for this task is an expression of our faith.Daisaku Ikeda

●Life may be more akin to a series of meets than a single marathon. You can lose a race here or there, as long as you win in one contest, in one area. All the struggles you endured will become a prized investment in your own person. Daisaku Ikeda

●Keep moving forward, even one or two steps, in your own way. Daisaku Ikeda