Human Relationships

●Many religions have demanded blind faith, taking away people's independence. President Makiguchi opposed such enslavement. What he called for instead was solidarity of awakened common people. To achieve this, he proposed a self-reliant way of life in which we advance on the path of our choice with a firm, independent character. He also stressed a contributive way of life in which we set our fundamental goal in life toward the realization of happiness for ourselves and others, casting aside arrogance and self-satisfaction to respect and benefit others.Daisaku Ikeda

●When we have a genuine sense that, no matter how difficult our present circumstances, we are not alone--that we are vitally connected with others and with the world--we will, without fail, rise up to the challenge of living again. Daisaku Ikeda

   (『女性に贈ることば 365日』池田大作)

●Many people today do not see anything wrong about the strong winning over the weak...but it involves no wisdom, no reasoning, no will. Daisaku Ikeda